Rabbit Hill Trivia

Do you wonder how Rabbit Hill got its name? In 1948 at the former St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Springfield, a nursery school was organized and named after a book by Robert Lawson entitled "Rabbit Hill." The book was awarded the Newberry Medal in 1945 for "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children."

Over the years Rabbit Hill has traveled. In 1975 it found its present home at the First Presbyterian Church of Springfield. Today the preschool offers two, three and four-day morning programs for the three to five year-old child. Many things have changed through time; buildings, teachers, directors, toys and games. But one thing has remained the same: children are still eager to learn and our motto still holds true - "learning with love."





We provide a nurturing environment, emphasizing social and emotional growth. We believe that play is the serious work of the child.

Each class is led by a teacher plus an aide with fourteen or sixteen children per class. The half-day session has a balance of free play and guided group activities, quiet and active times, stories, art, music and movement and outdoor play.

Our three spacious classrooms are bright and cheery and provide a safe and secure environment for the children. An intercom system between classrooms keeps the teachers in constant contact. The rooms contain centers and equipment such as housekeeping, sandbox, arts and crafts, puzzles, books, climbing or riding equipment, large trucks and blocks. We have a fun-filled playground that provides additional exercise in good weather. The four year-old classes enjoy several field trips throughout the year.

We are located inside the First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Summit and Cascade Roads in Springfield, PA.
We have ample parking facilities with easy access into each classroom.

For directions, click on the address below:
356 Summit Road
Springfield, PA